Alan Wallach


Sane Republicans

Notwithstanding David Brooks article in the NY Times 4-23-21, sane republicans (and there are many e.g. The Lincoln Project) should form another party. Actually they should have done it years ago when the tea party entered.  If they do it, in one or two election cycles, the loonies would be marginilized and the new party would dominate.  Trying to change it from within is a hopeless cause.

The Casting Couch for Solomon’s Dozen

I am obsessed with the exercise of trying to cast my x-rated book if it were a movie. “Solomon’s Dozen” is a book about a senior citizen who becomes a womanizer when his wife dies. No detail is left out. First, I thought about casting Solomon. That was fun and not too hard. But casting the dozen women in the book, the objects of his lust, was more difficult. Maybe my readers want to try it. I’d be curious about your choices.

The Chronic Disease of Police


While the verdict in the Chauvin trial was justified. Let’s not get too overjoyed. First, it should never have happened. Chauvin had a long history of abuse. Police leadership could have saved Floyd and, yes, Chauvin by stopping him years ago.

And next, may I now ask WTF is wrong with police. The next day police in Columbus have to shoot a teen age black girl four times because she had a knife? Two trained officers can’t subdue a teenage girl without shooting her four times. It seems to me that the only way we will ever cure this chronic disease is to take guns away from the police. Then they would have to use their brains and proportional force. Years ago, police had a nightstick and knew how to use it. They almost never had to use a gun.

The God Equation

Michio Kaku’s new book “The God Equation” ostensibly describing the new physics, is in reality an incredible history of science. I recommend it. It may have some tough spots but fight through them. The story is amazing.
By the way, for those of you who have asked, the photo on the cover of my book “Moffett’s Wife” is my gorgeous daughter-in-law. Check it out on

Collateral Damage by Covid19

Having been made gym-less by Covid19 and nearly destroyed by medication (which I have since abandoned) I can now understand how my athletic mother died prematurely at age 96. Her gym with platform tennis courts was torn down to build an apartment building and she never found another place to play.
If I don’t get back to playing basketball or racquetball soon, I will definitely suffer the same fate and will never make it to 100.

The Trial

At first, I was excited that the Chauvin trial was going to be publicly aired. After over 2 weeks, I am wondering how the jury stays awake. The same monotonous details with slight variations between witnesses when it’s so apparent Floyd was murdered. Chauvin refused to get his knees off the body even after he was dead. He was on Floyd’s neck at least 3 minutes after he had no pulse. What else does one need to know?

Tired of the Trial

This Chauvin trial is getting to me. Then another couple of racist incidents. How the fuck do we hire policemen(women)? How many cops who stop black men have to show that their manhood is bigger? Their unmitigated gall is unbelievable or is it just plain stupidity. In the middle of a major trial for murder of a black man by a cop, there are cops running around behaving like copy cats. Do they all want to wind up in jail?

Tribalism in Politics is Not The Answer

Our political problem is not so-called tribalism, the desire to protect one’s own. The reason politicians fail these days and are despised is because their priorities are reversed. Their first and overwhelming priority is to keep their jobs at all costs. That drives everything. They will say and do anything as long as it allows them to keep their jobs. The next item on the list is to protect their party’s majority because that’s where the power resides. That implies the corruption of satisfying the desires of their money sources. And last and certainly least, most obviously at the bottom of the list, is obligation to country. If one understands this, our politics becomes very clear. The lack of spine is fear of losing one’s job, the country be damned. And Trump is the paragon of this.

Republican Treachery

Having been disgusted with Republican leadership, it felt good to hear James Comey take Republicans to task for putting up with Trump who is clearly a crook the sake of tax cuts and a supreme court justice. These have been my feelings for the entire Trump presidency. For my part, their behavior has been so selfishly political that there is absolutely no concern for the rule of law and the institutions of this country. For Ryan to put up with Nunes’ chicanery and for McConnell to refuse to protect Mueller is more than disgusting. It is truly treacherous. If I ever vote for a Republican again, may my fingers that push the levers fall off.

There Are No Suitable Adjectives

There is no question in my mind, in retrospect, that the last fifty years of racial progress is a deception. Yes, some things have come to pass: the legal if not actual elimination of segregated schools, the somewhat improved economic state of African-Americans, their forced acceptance in the workplace and so on. But in truth, as the legacy of Obama has demonstrated so obviously, racism has merely been buried and festering until its explosion with the bucket of deplorables called the Trump base.

The blatant resentment of this black, brilliant, articulate, family-man rising to president was too much for them to bear. It brought out the festering racism and worship of Trump, with the ignorance that had been so long buried. Sixty plus votes against the affordable care act, so-named Obamacare for one reason alone, to marginalize this black president’s legacy.

That most republicans, especially the racists among them vote emotionally against their own self-interest is common knowledge to politicians. Otherwise how could republicans ever get elected to anything? But this last year of the worship of stupidity and overlooking of the sexual harassment of Trump and the pedophilia of Moore, rather than rational thought is record setting. As that paragon of truth, Sarah Huckabee Sanders had continued to repeat that these things were litigated during the election and the people elected Trump anyway.

We can only hope that this nation of the people, by the people and for the people can survive long enough for this racist and abysmally stupid kernel to die out. Hopefully, their worshipped leader will be impeached, have a stroke, have a heart attack or in any other presently inconceivable event, be removed from office or at least be too incapacitated to do any more damage to this beloved nation.