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Alan Wallach | alanwallach.com


Born and raised in Brooklyn. he has a degree in chemistry. After a tour in the US Air Force as a meteorologist, he went to work for IBM as a programmer and back to school for graduate study in mathematics at NYU.

He has been associated with computers for most of his business life in one form or another. He has been a technical writer and for 14 years wrote a bi-weekly computer column for the Sunday Berkshire Eagle in Pittsfield, MA. In the early nineties, his “Plain English Guide to Your PC” was published right before the millennium. “The Year 2000 Hoax” was released, a book debunked the doomsayers’ prediction of an economic collapse because of the Y2K bug.

Alan is an accomplished classical pianist and considers music his first love. He is a basketball nut and still plays often in the early morning hours with a similar-minded group of nuts. He and his wife have recently moved from the Berkshires in Massachusetts to New Jersey, in full view of the Manhattan skyline. He has two sons and five grandchildren. He is now a full-time writer working on a new novel and continuing his Kieran series of books for young readers.