Not Necessary

I’m 90.  I have plenty of energy and I am still very cognitively active. And I do not, I repeat, do not take Balance of

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Tony Bennett

It was 1955. I was a young Air Force officer sitting in the diner in Dover Delaware with a girl I recently met named Jeanine.

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We all know Trump’s modus operandi is to delay, delay, delay. The latest his lawyers are proposing to the judge is to delay his trial(s)

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Bad Ads

One of my pet peeves and something I am always grabbed by is bad advertising. Bad, not in the sense of terrible creativity which is

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Republican Governing

McConnell says, “elect us and we’ll tell you what we are going to do” Buy a pig in a poke he says.  Now McCarthy gave

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Gun Violence and Congress

I have not held my breath waiting for something to be done about gun violence. I’m too old to believe that something, anything, would get

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