Republican Governing

McConnell says, “elect us and we’ll tell you what we are going to do” Buy a pig in a poke he says.  Now McCarthy gave

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Gun Violence and Congress

I have not held my breath waiting for something to be done about gun violence. I’m too old to believe that something, anything, would get

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The Reader

Looking for a great film.  Try The Reader. A brilliant performance by Kate Winslet and her teenage lover David Kross.  It leads to her trial

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Global Warming is Not a Joke

Climate change is real and vicious. We can look forward to more frequent Ida-type hurricanes. As a meteorologist, I know that warm water fuels hurricanes.

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Music Underwater

Since my legs and knees have been bothering me, I have taken to swimming laps in a 25 meter pool daily. My friend Carl Trop

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Living in Italy

The years I lived in Italy were probably the happiest of my life.  Even though I worked my ass off, I always felt I was

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