Corviglia – A Murder in the  Alps 

The crown prince of Iran has been kidnapped on the ski slopes of St. Moritz and a young girl has been murdered. Henry Cain, a detective living in St. Moritz has to find the prince, hidden high in the mountains, and bring him back alive to the Shah to earn a huge payout. And then to find the murderer, a promise he made to the girl’s mother. Years later, the murderer, having escaped, seeks revenge endangering Henry and his family. Confronted face to face by the furious killer, Henry is moments from death

Solomon’s Dozen (X-rated)

After losing his wife, Solomon Nassau grieved terribly. For many years she was the love of his life and now she was gone. But after suffering with the pain of her loss for years, he decided he had a choice: wait to die and exit with a whimper, or… live the remainder of his life like there was no tomorrow, every day. An octogenarian who took a slightly different path than what is typically expected of a man his age, he succeeds at finding a second lease on his life that is beyond anything that he could have expected. A young journalist found out about it, painstakingly documented it, and decided it should be shared. So he convinced Solomon to let him put it in a book and publish it, including all the erotic details.

Moffett’s Wife

Milan, Italy: Marcella Moffett is frantic. Her son Michele has been framed and wrongly convicted of murdering his partner. There are no apparent motives and no leads to find the real killer. Convinced that the murderer is someone in her social circle, Marcella takes matters  into her own hands and finds a dangerous route to find the killer, without telling her husband.  She finds grand theft, murder and corruption endangering her life and her son’s in prison.

The Super

Monte Leonard, a gentle giant of a man in his 50s with a history of drug addiction, alcoholism, sex offense, the mob and prison becomes the superintendent of an apartment building. The story involves his relationships with tenants, his boss and girl friends. He is in love with an alcoholic who comes close to destroying him because he can’t live with an addict. His life is a mess because he can’t shake his past. Even though he has been clean and straight for almost 10 years, he is continually being harassed and arrested since, because of his record, he is always a prime suspect. No matter what he does, his past haunts him. He is accused of rape by his girl friend, arrested for murder and generally harassed by the police. His life is a fight to live a normal quiet life.

A Long Drunk and a Breakfast

(on Terceira Island)

U.S. Air Force Captain Sam Golden was a metorologist back in the 1950’s This is a memoir about his life, loves, adventures and dangers while stationed on Terceira Island in the Azores. The story is about a coming of age of a young man, well trained but inexperienced, suddenly thrust into responsibilities and risks he was not prepared for. These adventures are mixed in with his search for feminine companionship on an island in the Atlantic Ocean.Dangerous flights, hunting hurricanes, a live volcano are mixed in with his search for feminine companionship on a foreign island in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Amerada Affair

A mysterious account named Amerada appears on the NSA server. Sarah Tepper, administrative manager at NSA can’t access the account and can’t find anyone who owns it. There have been two murders related to the account so she calls on a professional computer expert to investigate and he, too, is brutally murdered. She must find out what it’s all about and has no idea how to do it. All she knows is that it must be someone at NSA. She gets help from the New York police and a brilliant Italian, a friend of the NYPD forensic investigator. As she gets closer to the solution, she finds herself in a life threatening situation.

Short Fiction

The Ferrari

It’s Only a Game