The Fading Met Management.

Ii have been a Met fan since their beginning, fed up that the Dodgers left. But now, I have become a reluctant Met fan. I was very optimistic about their chances but as most fans know, injuries took their toll this year. But for the life of me, I cannot figure any of the moves made by the manager, the general manager and the owner. I cannot watch a game any more. There is absolutely no instinct for the game on the part of any of them. The players have problems but good coaches, which they have NOT, could improve things tremendously. As an old Brooklyn Dodger fan since childhood, I never questioned Leo Durocher’s moves, even when he went to the Giants. I never second guessed Gil Hodges. He knew the game and could sense things. But this group stinks. Lindor is an overpaid joke.. Rosario was getting better every day. Baez is a hacker that will swing at anything that moves and statistically, he hits it occasionally. Talk that he would go to 2B when Lindor returns is a disaster. MacNeil is a natural 300 hitter and great fielder. I could go on but it’s useless. None of them have any feel for the game, the players and the situations. I know management will blame their failure on injuries and the players and probably  trade the good ones. But nothing will change.  Any knowledgable teenager could do better than these guys.