Alan Wallach

Trump and Kushner – Follow the Money

I have come to the conclusion that the Russian connection is a simple money thing, i.e. using a Russian bank to borrow money when American banks won’t lend Trump or Kushner any. They both need money badly. Why else would Kushner meet with a sanctioned Russian bank? I suggest the obvious, that one meets with banks for money. So ask the question: If we get the sanctions on your bank removed, how much money will you lend us? Or: If we get sanctions removed, will you get our debts forgiven? It’s just a simple case of treason, that’s all. Not the least bit devious or clever. We just find it so unbelievable that Trump and Kushner would use the presidency so blatantly and stupidly to enrich themselves, that we’re looking for a mysterious solution. I’m no genius. I think the newshawks at the NY Times, the Wash Post, CNN and MSNBC know it, too, but keep hoping some committee or Mueller will find a smoking gun. Can we survive the wait?

The Republican Technique.

I have been watching this for years. Republicans cut taxes on the rich which will be paid for by the incredible growth in the economy predicted but never happens. Then when the democrats win back control, they insist on cutting the deficit, never by rolling back tax cuts, but by taking money from the so-called entitlements on which the poor and middle class survive. This year is the worst yet because they have no shame. What they want it treasonous, to wit their piece of shit called a health care bill and their budget. They should all be tried and since they are so hot on the death penalty, they should all be shot, well most of them anyway.

Comey Panic

All of a sudden the committee chairmen who didn’t want Comey to testify for fear of offending Trump, can’t get to him fast enough. Why? Ratings, photo ops, attention. Comey has selected carefully the senate intelligence committee because they are the only committee behaving non-partisan and are not hostile. The judiciary committee is full of hostile senators trying to show how politically macho they are. He is right to avoid them.

Trump, The Russians and Money

This is merely speculation but fun and not so far fetched. As they don’t say, “you can make this shit up.” The famous certified letter stating that Trump has no Russian income with two exceptions omits one crucial thing. After screwing the banks with his Atlantic City bankruptcies, no American bank would lend him a cent. I guess that Russian banks, which are agencies of the Kremlin, lent him millions which he still owes them. Maybe he has no income but does he have huge debt? That’s why he won’t release his taxes. How much is it worth to Putin to get sanctions lifted? Would he forgive Trump’s loans for such a consideration? Just sayin’

Obama and Wall Street

I resent those decrying Obama’s taking 400K for a speech to Goldman Sachs. He has every right, morally and ethically, to take the fee. It would be interesting to see what he says to them, inasmuch as he hasn’t done them any favors while president and can’t do anything for them now. If they want to part with such a fee, he should take it. It’s easy money. And those who say he doesn’t need it because of his book deal shouldn’t count other people/s money. Why should arbitrary standards be set for a black president. W made no bones about “filling the family’s coffers.” Reagan took 3 million from the Japanese after leaving office. Hillary took fees from Wall Street and opened herself up to conflict of interest by running for president. But a black president has to have a different morality. Give me a break!

Treating Trump As If He’s Normal

I am really sick of the newscasters (ha) talking-heads (ha) that try to explain and attribute meaning to Trump’s utterances as if he’s not unhinged. Maybe he’s learning, they say. Hopefully the next 100 days will be better, they say. Please. The man is nuts. We all know that so why do we pretend otherwise. Hey Comey, Burr, Conaway, hurry up and put this guy away.

“Breaking Bad” Marathon

My wife and I just finished a marathon TV watch of Breaking Bad. I am glad it’s over so that now I can get some work done. Besides the emotional drain, a few things occurred to me at its conclusion. First, It makes Hamlet, as a tragedy, seem like a farce by comparison. I’ll spare you the details in case you want to undertake your own Netflix marathon. You can experience the pain yourself. I wonder just what the Bard would have done it he’d had television and could drag a story on for upwards of fifty hours. Another thing involves the virtual ease with which methamphetamine can be produced. Having a degree in chemistry, I was fascinated how close they came to chemical reality. I understand that a couple of chemistry teachers tried to copy Walter White’s process and got caught. It shows only that while producing meth is easy if you know a little and have the ingredients (which are also commonly available) purchasing them in any quantity is a dead giveaway and would have the DEA on your ass in moments.
It’s been a long time since I was a chemistry student but the show refreshed my memory of how fascinating organic chemistry was. To those who don’t know anything about it, organic compounds are like tinkertoys. The reason is that carbon atoms can connect with each other making molecular chains and rings which have no real limit to their lengths and sizes. The possibilities are literally infinite. New compounds are synthesized all the time by putting these building blocks together.
As an aside, I recall we often worked in the lab on weekends unsupervised, to finish projects. I remember a group of us mischievously making pure ethyl alcohol in the lab (ethyl alcohol you buy is denatured purposely making it unfit to drink, unless of course it’s in wine, whiskey or beer) I took a swig of it diluted with orange juice. To this day I can remember the taste. It was the opposite of “smooth.” It literally burned my throat. The only thing I can say for it is it wasn’t poison.
But the main thing I got as a writer is the answer to the comment, “You can’t make this shit up.” Yes, you can.

Pigheaded Trump Voters

It’s bad enough they voted for a know-nothing, lying, lunatic for president. Now, after his failures, lies, and flip-flops, they are in denial. True, some have had voter’s remorse but there is still a core of pig heads. Even with his Russian relationships under investigation for collusion or even treason, they are calling it nit-picking. I know people don’t like to be wrong but what would have to happen to convince them that they were? It boggles my mind. That they considered replacing the ACA with Ryan’s piece of shit an improvement, puzzles me. They are lucky it failed and still don’t know it. Where do they get their “information” from?

Agreeing With Trump – Not!

Whether or not I agree with Trump’s Syria incursion or not is not relevant. I disagree with everything he says or does. It’s not only general principle. it’s also the fact that he is so volatile that agreement with him will no doubt become a disagreement. I don’t want to give him any support. I follow the McConnell rule. I don’t want a nut in the White House so I will say “No” to everything even if I support him. To agree with him will be a distraction from his criminal activity.

Nunes and the Dimwit

Unfortunately we are frequently judged, sometimes even incriminated, by the company we keep. Joe McCarthy taught us that. My question for Devin Nunes is what did he expect to gain kissing Dimwit Donald’s ass? Did he really expect to get away with what he did i.e. go to the White House sub rosa to get secret info and then return to the WH the next to give it back to them? And for what? Dimwit Donald can’t really do anything for him and he has essentially destroyed his political career. He must be incredibly stupid or promised something that cannot be delivered. Had he done the right thing, instead of the stupid one, he would have been a hero and his rep would have soared instead of soured.