Our Darkest Hour

Having lived through the vicious anti-communist fifties culminating in the era of a drunken senator Joe McCarthy, enhanced by a homophobic gay lawyer named Roy Cohn, I never thought our democracy was in jeopardy. In college, I lost great professors in 1953 because of McCarthyism. Tragic yes, but it never occurred to me that our government would fail. But today, I believe that we are in real trouble. Pundits say it does no good to call Trumpists stupid. They have to be listened to, talked to, and convinced. I disagree. No matter how educated or brilliant the components of this electorate are, they are either monumentally stupid or just fucked up and are a danger to our very democratic existence. The Trumpist politicians, on the other hand, are just frightened, spineless, self-serving cultists who care about nothing but their jobs and are willing to support a man whose only working muscle is his mouth, the country be damned. I fail to understand why a lying, dumb, ignorant, amoral, psycopathic, sociopathic creep is raised to the level of a Christ. I used to think his death would be a blessing. But now I fear that even in death, he will find his Lazarus and Saul of Tarsus to promulgate Trumpism as a religion with at least the 75 million who voted for him – stupid, cultist, lemmings.

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