Alan Wallach

Bygone Days

My memories of St.Moritz in the seventies where we had an apartment are still very vivid for me today. In those days, Annie and I were members of the “underprivileged jet-set”.  This meant when the ski season was over in the spring, we hitch hiked to the Italian or French riviera or even tried to wangle a ferry ride to Ibiza. My book Corviglia – A Murder ini  the Alps is about the kidnapping of the crown prince of Iran.  But it tries to be more than that.  It tries to recreate the aura of the time when the Shah and Farah Diba were frequently present along with a who’s who of world famous dignitaries in business, show biz, and just plain rich and famous. Someday, I will write a memoir of the seven years we spent back-and-forth between St. Moritz and Milano. You should check out the book at Amazon  It really is a good read.