Alan Wallach

Alan Wallach

A Word about republicans

Once upon a time, republicans were sane and civilized. Now, it’s obvious to me there’s no such thing as a good republican. I wish all of them ill.

Our Election Problem is not the Constitution


I’m old enough to remember how the parliamentary democracies were laughed at after WW II for their seeming instability. We Americans with our hubris pointed to our “superior” stable two party system. Now who’s laughing? Look at the mess our two party system has created.
But there is nothing wrong with our constitution as far as elections go. The problem is not even, as some claim, the electoral college itself. In fact, it’s a help. The problem is the all-or-nothingness of the electoral college that messes us up. Assigning electors proportionately would go a long way toward straightening us out. First of all, the parties are divided, the republican party irreconciliably. The democratic party is divided more by personalities than principle. We have three or maybe four virtual parties that cannot express themselves independently in an election without shooting themselves in the foot by hurting one of the major parties. The republicans should bite the bullet and split but they won’t give up their majority which is currently artificial. If they did, there could be a center right party picking up conservative democrats and marginalizing the extreme right wing. So how to solve it?
If the electoral college votes in every state were proportional, the opportunity for a third party (or fourth) to form and run candidates would be possible and there would be an incentive to do so. With enough electoral votes, a strong third party could prevent either of the major parties from getting a majority and would force a compromise with a third or fourth party to form a coalition government with a coalition president. The other probable result would be the toning down of our cult of personality arising from an incessant campaign for president, including a brutal, excessively lengthy primary process. We are in a continuous electoral cycle which is destructive to our ability to govern. In the parliamentary governments the voter frequently doesn’t even know who the prime minister will be. The party leader is selected by the representatives.
We could learn something from those we snubbed our noses at years ago. Then maybe we could get something done. As it stands now, the only possibility is eternal gridlock.

Solomon’s Dozen

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The Fake President

I am not excited about parsing words our fake president speaks but i’m happy to see it. In my view, anything that casts negatives on the man is good. He is clearly mentally ill and saying he is unfit for the job is an understatement. In addition to being a nut case, he is dumb, historically illiterate, and generally disgusting. The sooner we get rid of him the better. But where are the republicans? They are sniveling cowards totally unconcerned about the health of our country.

More about Met Pitching

Last night I watched Seth Lugo pitch for the Mets. After giving up four runs in the early innings, the Mets caught up and went ahead, 6-4 Then Lugo pitched his 101st pitch and was taken out. Why? He was in a relaxed pitching groove. He had given the Phillies nothing and was relaxed and in complete control. But manage-by-pitch-count Collins took him out, put in Hansel Robles who never threw a strike to the first two batters. The only reason he got any outs at all was that the batters were swinging at balls. Then he gave up the home run that tied the score. I don’t know who’s worse, Robles, Collins, the manager or Warthen, the pitching coach. I like the new kids that they brought up from the minors but for crying out loud, get a pitching coach who can do something else besides count pitches.

The TV Talking Heads Miss the Point.

They say Trump was advised not to begin his term with health care. He didn’t listen. Why, they ask? I listened to an hour of bullshit that totally missed the point. For me, the inference is simple. I suggest that the most important thing to Trump was his hatred of Obama. Everything else was insignificant. He latched onto the racist sixty plus house repeal votes and saw that as his tool to attack OBAMACARE and remove Obama’s legacy. Combine the loonies in the house that voted to repeal it with McConnell’s racist hatred of Obama and all we got was hatred and no substance. Nothing else mattered. Fucking the American people, not important. Destroy Obama’s legacy was the only objective regardless of the cost. Lindsay Graham summarized it best. “It would have been nice to have a bill that the people liked.” That’s why healthcare failed. It offered nothing but racism and hate which has a limited audience – bigger than it should be, but still limited.

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Disgusted with Mets

I love the Met players but Terry Collins has to make up his mind who is playing and who isn’t and where. The pitching coach, Dan Warthen, needs to be tougher with his pitchers. And needs to teach them how to pitch. They can throw but they can’t pitch. You can’t be a relief pitcher and walk the first man you face. You have to be able to throw strikes with secondary pitches. Trouble is the Met relief pitchers can’t even throw fastballs for strikes. If a relief pitcher comes in and the first pitch is a ball, and keeps doing that, I would read him the riot act. And if he walked the first man and keeps doing that, I would send him back to the minors for more seasoning or get rid of him. And if Warthen doesn’t fix that, I would get rid of him.
Finally, this business of managing by pitch count is ludicrous. I remember Don Newcombe pitching a shutout in the first game of a double header and then pitching five innings of the second game. It never hurt him. Many pitchers in the league during my Brooklyn Dodger fan days, didn’t get warmed up until the sixth inning. Spahn, Sain, Roberts, Maglie, Reynolds, Raschi Feller. Newhouser. Batters had to get to them early because they were death in the late innings.

Crooked Pharma

My wife went into a medical clinic for itchy eyes, suspecting she had pink eye caught from our granddaughter. The diagnosis was no. She was prescribed eyedrops for the itch which at CVS was $190. She refused and the CVS pharmacist suggested an over the counter medication which, he suggested, was almost the same and cost $15. The result was it worked fine. Why did we need a $190 prescription?

This is the latest list of drugs advertised on TV. Almost none of them are cures. Most are very expensive, ongoing, treatment of symptoms with side effects that are in many cases worse than the disease being treated.

Breoe Brilinta Cialis Cosentyx Eliquis Enbrei Entresto Entyvio Farxiga
Glucerna Harvoni Humira Ibrance Invokana Januvia Jardiance Jublia
Keyteuda Kybella Latuda Linzess Ln Myrbetriq Namenda xr Namzarec
Neulasta Opdivo Pradaxa Prevagen Qpi Repatha Restasis Rexulti
Seresto Stelara Taltz Tecfidera Toujeo Tresiba Trintellix Trulicity
Trumenba Viberzi Victoza Xarelto Xeljanz Xifaxan

You can’t write this shit.

Talking to fellow author this morning, we agreed that if we wrote the Trump story of the last six months and submitted it to an agent, it would wind up on the scrap heap in seconds. You just can’t write this shit.

Trump is Looney

I realized what the media is doing even if they don’t realize it themselves. Being reluctant to call Trump crazy (after all, it would be improper to diagnose him remotely) by showing his pathological lying, they are demonstrating it without saying it. After seeing and hearing the gatling gun spewing of bullshit which is so easily shown to be bullshit, how can anyone believe he is anything but looney?