Gun Violence and Congress

I have not held my breath waiting for something to be done about gun violence. I’m too old to believe that something, anything, would get done. Despite the bi-partisan group trying to solve this, the word gun isn’t even mentioned. Already, the feeble framework they agreed upon has run into some objections from Republicans. In any case, they are hardly talking about anything serious. What about the reported 400 million guns already in homes around the country? They, too are available to the violent.

 I suggest the following, which would not violate the so-called right to bear arms and the sanctity of the 2nd amendment. First, all guns should be registered in a national registry. Second, every gun owner must have liability insurance. And make the penalty severe for not doing so. I’m sure the insurance companies would love this and the premiums set by the insurance industry would certainly discourage (but not prevent) gun ownership. Perhaps, in the interest of national security, the President could impose this with an executive order. 

Another point, one congressman ( I don’t remember who) proposed a bill imposing a 1000% federal tax on guns purchased. He suggested that it could be passed using reconciliation (simple majority) since it’s a financial bill. What happened to it? It could be very effective limiting purchases.

American exceptionalism? Guns and Trump! We should be proud.