Alan Wallach

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Crooked Pharma

My wife went into a medical clinic for itchy eyes, suspecting she had pink eye caught from our granddaughter. The diagnosis was no. She was prescribed eyedrops for the itch which at CVS was $190. She refused and the CVS pharmacist suggested an over the counter medication which, he suggested, was almost the same and cost $15. The result was it worked fine. Why did we need a $190 prescription?

This is the latest list of drugs advertised on TV. Almost none of them are cures. Most are very expensive, ongoing, treatment of symptoms with side effects that are in many cases worse than the disease being treated.

Breoe Brilinta Cialis Cosentyx Eliquis Enbrei Entresto Entyvio Farxiga
Glucerna Harvoni Humira Ibrance Invokana Januvia Jardiance Jublia
Keyteuda Kybella Latuda Linzess Ln Myrbetriq Namenda xr Namzarec
Neulasta Opdivo Pradaxa Prevagen Qpi Repatha Restasis Rexulti
Seresto Stelara Taltz Tecfidera Toujeo Tresiba Trintellix Trulicity
Trumenba Viberzi Victoza Xarelto Xeljanz Xifaxan

You can’t write this shit.

Talking to fellow author this morning, we agreed that if we wrote the Trump story of the last six months and submitted it to an agent, it would wind up on the scrap heap in seconds. You just can’t write this shit.

Trump is Looney

I realized what the media is doing even if they don’t realize it themselves. Being reluctant to call Trump crazy (after all, it would be improper to diagnose him remotely) by showing his pathological lying, they are demonstrating it without saying it. After seeing and hearing the gatling gun spewing of bullshit which is so easily shown to be bullshit, how can anyone believe he is anything but looney?

Kieran’s Adventure Series for Middle Grade Readers.

My son complained to me that his son wouldn’t read. He was a good reader but refused to read a book. I dug out a chapter of a book another grandson and I had written 12 years earlier and I wrote a few more chapters. He read them and wanted more. The result was the first book in a series of four books that he loved.

Kieran, a teenage boy discovers a window in his father’s workshop, a place he is forbidden to enter. This weird window is a portal to another universe right in the same place he lives. He brazenly enters the portal only to find a completely different world and people where he lives.

Available at Amazon in Kindle and Paperback

Republican Bullshit (continued)

For seven years, the republicans have quixotically tried to repeal the the Affordable Care Act. Why? Not because it’s bad but because it’s the product and legacy of the black man in the white house. Their repeated attempts, some 60 plus of them with a guaranteed veto for any passage were just to discredit Obama and play to the racist right-wing base of the party. In fact, the name Obamacare was given to the ACA by republicans to make it distasteful to the racist base. Many polls showed that they liked their ACA but wanted to repeal Obamacare. In seven years, it never occurred to them that if they were serious, they should have a replacement ready. Now they hide behind their “promise” to their base to repeal it. Seven years later, the ACA is too important to most people and the new house bill has an approval rating in the teens. The house bill that passed was just a reverse Robin Hood stealing from the poor and middle class medicaid to give a tax cut to the rich. When asked why they did it, the answer was “we promised to repeal it for seven years and we have to keep our promise.” Seven years after they started this bullshit, the people don’t want it repealed. A great part of the ACA’s problem is that many republican governors refused to cooperate which drove insurers out of their markets. Then they complained about insurers leaving their market. People want ACA fixed and it can be fixed. But no, if the republicans do that, it will still be Obamacare II and they cannot allow Obama to get any credit for such a legacy. So their bullshit talking point is that the American people sent them to congress to repeal it. Instead, they lie that the people want a bill that has an approval in the teens. Some logic! McConnell, who blatantly espoused his racism right from fhe beginning vowing to make Obama a one-term president, used every partisan procedural trick to get at least one of several unknown bills passed in the senate to get a “win.” And even more ridiculous, they were making amendments to a bill that no one knew anything about. How do you do that? Nothing the republicans proposed was better than the ACA. They were all destructive to health care but “they promised” was the cry. Fortunately all versions failed to pass and poor Mitch was “disappointed.” The president, may he die a painful death, had the unadulterated gall to call democrats obstructionists after what the republicans did to Obama. No sane person believed the senate bills were any good. They just had to appease their racist base who always vote against their self interest.

The Joke of WSJ Advice to Trump

The Wall Street Journal, making the false assumption that the Trumps have nothing to hide, advise him to release everything, “to get ahead of the leaks.” The problem is that they probably do, indeed, have things to hide. Trump himself has never felt any moral or legal obligations. He cheats his suppliers, lies to everybody about everything, screwed his lenders so that no one will lend him any money, is currently ignoring the tenets of the emoluments clause of the constitution, spends all his weekends at a Trump property so that the secret service has to pay Trump for his own protection, etc. etc. Judging from his behavior, he can’t possibly be mentally sound. He has not released his taxes. Why, if he has nothing to hide? The reason he treats Putin with deference has to be because of something serious. I can speculate: he owes Putin or his cronies a lot or money; he or Jared wants to borrow more money; Putin, knowing first hand that Trump is basically dishonest, may have information that could put him in serious legal jeopardy. Trump is scared out of his mind of Putin and could easily be the victim of potential blackmail. Advice to WSJ – never mind the advice, assume the worst and wait for Mueller to do his job.

Greatest Country in the World

Where else in the civilized world can a disgusting, narcissistic, uninformed moron get elected president without spending any money with the support of likewise uninformed morons.

The Lies of a Lunatic

Calling out dimwit Trump by the press on his lies is not attacking him personally. It is attacking his bullshit. Michael Moore said it would get worse before it gets better. That the republicans let him get away with what he does reflects on republicans. Pruitt’s cancellations, this sham voter suppression panel to investigate voter fraud, McConnell’s folly of a healthcare bill, what else are we in store for? I am not the media. I can call him out for what he is, a mentally unbalanced evil man who should be put in a straitjacket, and removed from the White House.

Trump and Kushner – Follow the Money

I have come to the conclusion that the Russian connection is a simple money thing, i.e. using a Russian bank to borrow money when American banks won’t lend Trump or Kushner any. They both need money badly. Why else would Kushner meet with a sanctioned Russian bank? I suggest the obvious, that one meets with banks for money. So ask the question: If we get the sanctions on your bank removed, how much money will you lend us? Or: If we get sanctions removed, will you get our debts forgiven? It’s just a simple case of treason, that’s all. Not the least bit devious or clever. We just find it so unbelievable that Trump and Kushner would use the presidency so blatantly and stupidly to enrich themselves, that we’re looking for a mysterious solution. I’m no genius. I think the newshawks at the NY Times, the Wash Post, CNN and MSNBC know it, too, but keep hoping some committee or Mueller will find a smoking gun. Can we survive the wait?

The Republican Technique.

I have been watching this for years. Republicans cut taxes on the rich which will be paid for by the incredible growth in the economy predicted but never happens. Then when the democrats win back control, they insist on cutting the deficit, never by rolling back tax cuts, but by taking money from the so-called entitlements on which the poor and middle class survive. This year is the worst yet because they have no shame. What they want it treasonous, to wit their piece of shit called a health care bill and their budget. They should all be tried and since they are so hot on the death penalty, they should all be shot, well most of them anyway.

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