Alan Wallach

Beau Biden and Dick Cheney

No one should go through what Joe Biden went through.  Beau served his country in every way and should be honored and remembered.  The travesty is that Dick (Darth Vader) Cheney, that war-mongering, draft-dodging, liar still survives and keeps pumping out bullshit.  If there was ever a case for repealing the first amendment he’s it.  I don’t understand why the media give him any coverage at all.  His lies are so blatant.  He must be terrified that history will remember and judge him based on truth and not his lies.  The farce is definitely with him.

The Theory of Everything

I just finished reading Michio Kaku’s book “Beyond Einstein” which although a little outdated was fascinating.  After reading Steven Hawking’s books (written for the layman – ha) 3 times which despite my technical background and graduate study in mathematics,  left me frazzled, this one was almost a  pleasure.  I say ‘almost’ because this stuff on quantum mechanics, relativity and superstring theory is so non-intuitive. you have to wonder how these physicists ever came up with these concepts.  The latest candidate for unifying everything is superstring theory which claims that once (whatever ‘once’ means)  there were 10 dimensions and 4 split off to make up our universe of space-time.  I can understand that but I can’t even envision it.