Alan Wallach's Website

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Alan Wallach's Website

Join my mailing list to receive blog updates and be among the first to hear about new things I’m working on.

You are cordially invited to my website. I write fiction for adults, long and short pieces, and do technical writing for a fee on a project basis. At the prodding of my son, I wrote a series of four books for my grandson, the Kieran Adventure Series, for middle grade readers, I would guess from about 9 to 13 depending on their reading ability and interest.

My blog allows me to rant about many things dear to me and not so dear. This is sort of a continuation of a column I wrote for the Berkshire Eagle for about 14 years.


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Current & Upcoming Releases

There are always more to discover! Check out all of Alan Wallach’s books and series here.


Kieran and the Weird Window

Kieran discovers a portal in his father’s workshop and decided to explore it on his own not knowing the dangers that await his impulsive action.

Kieran and the Visitor from Pimglammam

A genius from a third universe ends up meeting Kieran as she tried to escape punishment. After getting captured, Kieran went on another quest to save his new friend.

Kieran and Rajilad's Time Warp

Another adventure, this time to the past, when Rajilad a brilliant engineer from Pimglammam created a time-warp. Will Kieran and his friends overcome the challenges they face this time?

Kieran and the Robots

Seven foot robots, Marty and Willie, come knocking on Kieran’s door asking for help to meet their creators. Discoveries were made and not all of them were good.

Kieran's Adventures
(Series Compilation)

Books 1 – 4 of Kieran’s Adventures Series: Kieran and the Weird Window, Kieran and the Visitor from Pimglammam, Kieran and Rajilad’s Time Warp, and finally, Keiran and the Robots.


A Long Drunk and a Breakfast

A memoir of U.S. Air Force Captain Sam Golden, a meteorologist in the 1950’s. A coming of age story of a man suddenly thrust into responsibilities he was unprepared for.

Corviglia – A Murder in the Alps

Detective Henry Cain handles the case of a missing prince and a murdered girl in the alps. Faced with a furious killer, will he survive to keep his family safe?

Moffett's Wife

Marcella Moffett took matters into her own hands when her son was framed for murder. Her plans led her not only to the killer but to secrets of grand theft and corruption.

Solomon's Dozen

X-Rated Book for Adults Only
The story of an old man who took a different path than what is typically expected of his age. He succeeds at finding a second lease on his life beyond anything he could have thought.

The Amerada Affair

An evasive account named Amerada appears on the NSA server. With murders involved, Sarah Tepper needs to find its owner. But as she gets closer, she finds herself in deadly situations.

The Ferrari (A Story)

Sam lives a boring divorced life. He jogs to get out of his rut and notices a red Ferrari that passes him by at the same time every morning. Curiosity lands him in troubling circumstances.

The Super

Monte Leonard traverses his relationships with his boss and new friends as he becomes the manager of an apartment building. With a dark past, he continues to fight to live a normal life.


Your Child is Not a Stutterer

Speech problem is commonly incorrectly diagnosed as stuttering in pre-school children. This book advises parents on what they can do and how they could change a child’s life trajectory.

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Born and raised in Brooklyn. he has a degree in chemistry. After a tour in the US Air Force as a meteorologist, he went to work for IBM as a programmer and back to school for graduate study in mathematics at NYU.

He has been associated with computers for most of his business life in one form or another. He has been a technical writer and for 14 years wrote a bi-weekly computer column for the Sunday Berkshire Eagle in Pittsfield, MA. In the early nineties, his “Plain English Guide to Your PC” was published. And right before the millennium. “The Year 2000 Hoax” was released, a book which debunked the doomsayers’ prediction of an economic collapse because of the Y2K bug.

Alan is an accomplished classical pianist and considers music his first love. He is a basketball nut and still plays often in the early morning hours with a similar-minded group of nuts. He and his wife have recently moved from the Berkshires in Massachusetts to New Jersey, in full view of the Manhattan skyline. He has two sons and five grandchildren. He is now a full-time writer working on a new novel and continuing his Kieran series of books for young readers.