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You are cordially invited to my website. I write fiction for adults, long and short pieces, and do technical writing for a fee on a project basis. At the prodding of my son, I wrote a series of four books for my grandson, the Kieran Advendure Series, for middle grade readers, I would guess from about 9 to 13 depending on their reading ability and interest.

My blog allows me to rant about many things dear to me and not so dear. This is sort of a continuation of a column I wrote for the Berkshire Eagle for about 14 years.


  • Corviglia – A Murder in the Alps
  • Solomon’s Dozen
  • Moffett’s Wife
  • The Super
  • A Long Drunk and a Breakfast
  • The Amerada Affair
  • The Ferrari
  • It’s Only a Game


Young Readers

  • Kieran and the Weird Window
  • Kieran and the Visitor from Pimglammam
  • Kieran and Rajilad’s Time Warp
  • Kieran and the Robots
  • Kieran’s Adventures


Technical Writing

  • User Manuals
  • Technical Descriptions
  • Technical Articles
  • Technical Editing
  • Specifications Testing



Born and raised in Brooklyn Alan has a degree in chemistry.

After a tour in the US Air Force as a meteorologist, he went to work for IBM as a programmer and back to school for graduate study in mathematics at NYU. He has been associated with computers for most of his business life in one form or another.

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