Alan Wallach


The Super – a novel

Monte Leonard, a man in his fifties with an unsavory past becomes the superintendent of an apartment building. Although he has been well-behaved and free from drugs for years, his past and a zealous district attorney won’t leave him alone. Follow his bizarre escapades and sorrows. Eventually, with the help of Liz, a criminal lawyer who helps him by using the DA’s problems, Monte gets free from his past and gets the opportunity to start over and build a new life for himself.

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Corviglia – A Murder in the Alps

The Crown Prince of Iran is kidnapped on the ski slopes of St Moritz. Henry Cain, a detective who is trying to change his life in order to get his wife and family back, is asked to take the case. He is torn between quitting as he promised his wife and taking this one last case because of the huge reward and fee offered by the Shah. He takes the case and in the midst of his investigation, he happens to save the life of a young girl trying to kill herself. He gets involved with her and she is suddenly murdered for no apparent reason. This gives Henry a double objective – find the prince and the murderer.

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Solomon’s Dozen

Solomon Nassau is an octogenarian and a dirty old man. After losing his wife, the love of his life, he decides to be proactive and not just wait to die. He does not want to go out with a wimper. His libido, aroused by seeing the opera Don Giovanni, gives him the impetus to emulate the Don and try his hand at being a womanizer. He spends ten years chasing women and finds out that it is not so easy to be a real-life lothario. The relationships turn out to be very different than he expected. The writer telling Solomon’s tale, is a young journalist who wonders what he can expect for himself sexually when he reaches his golden years. In his quest to answer that question, he hears about Solomon and seeks him out to interview. This book is a carefully selected compilation of Solomon’s twelve most interesting sexual escapades. Of course, the most graphic x-rated erotic details are left in, because without them the reader would miss out on all the fun.


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Moffett’s Wife

Marcella Algani is married to Jason Moffett. When her son Michele Algani is charged with murdering his partner and mentor and is convicted, Marcella fakes a stroke and plays a catatonic to listen, hoping to hear something that leads to the real killer. With the help of her sister Francesca and Michele’s genius friend Alberto, they discover a plot more extensive than imagined. Marcella shocks the courtroom when she appears to testify against the murderers.

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The Ferrari

Sam Billings, recently separated from his wife, jogs every morning at the same time and sees a red Ferrari come by his house every morning at the same time driven by a woman who smiles at him each day she passes. His curiosity gets the best of him and he succeeds in finding out who she is. He makes contact with her which causes incredible life threatening problems for him.

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It’s Only a Game

Sean is an older guy still plays basketball, his passion. His competitive spirit and ego is still strong. A rivalyounger player’s trash talk gets into his head and drives him to work on his game as he never did as a younger man, proving that an old dog can learn new tricks.

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