Alan Wallach


Violence, again?

How much killing do we need before congress does something about guns? And I don’t mean background checks. Do we really have to go through the painful process of repealing the second amendment before something can be done? Do we have to hang Wayne LaPierre from the top of a sequoia to get him out of the way? Is Bob Dylan right? — The answer my friend is blowing’ in the wind. We are a sick, sick, sick society. Greatest country in the world? Ha!!


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The Republican Solution

It seems to me that the sane republicans have lost their party. They should bite the bullet and start a new party. It would cost them 2016 but would give them and our country hope for the future. They would probably pick up some right-leaning democrats and become competitive. The looney part of the party would then be marginalized and break their stranglehold on congress. Democrats and sane republicans have always been able to compromise and govern.

Guns, Guns, Guns.

The concept of backgtound checks for gun purchases is just a waste of time. The bar is so high that one practically has to be in a straitjacket to fail the check. I suggest something that the NRA has always refused to accept i.e. registering all guns – ALL guns. There is nothing in the 2nd amendment that forbids it. In fact, the well regulated militia mentioned in the amendment implies that we should know where the weapons are and who has them. We have Megan’s law which forces sex offenders to register so that people can know where they are living. I know that Megan’s law is abused frequently and that there are people forced to register who are not really a danger, but for the most part the law works. I can also tell you that I am more afraid of guns than sex offenders. I would like to know the lunatics living near me that have arsenals in their homes, sane or crazy. A national gun regustry which is publicly available would do just that. I would like to know for my own safety who the gun nuts are and where they are living. It wouldn’t hurt if the police knew either. That’s what makes sense. But the NRA claims that that’s just the first step toward the slippery slope of taking away guns. Slippery slopes are always used as a contrived reason to stop sanity. The people fighting for gun safety should be pushing for gun registry, not background checks. Otherwise they are wasting their time.

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Carson and Trump

How can we get Dr. Carson to lobotomize Trump and his energetic mouth. Gov. Ed Rendel is right, I think. Trump won’t get the nomination but we democrats should live in hope and pray that he does.

Morning Joe and Hillary

I have to agree with Joe Scarborough that Hillary is not answering questions about her e-mails. She has been so controlled and scripted that she appears to be another person.  But Joe opens his show every morning with an anti-Hillary rant as if what she did was the only thing that was important. What kind of program has it become if the principal items on their agenda are Hillary’s emails and Trump’s latest idiotic pronouncement? Today, Tuesday Sept 8, he used the first 15 minutes of his show ranting about Hillary.  He interrupted any of his guests who disagreed with him.  As much as I like the show, I will now turn it on only after Joe shuts his mouth 15 minutes in.  Without Mika Brzezinski the show would be a disaster.  Today, though, there was no winning. All this was followed by an interview with my governor, Chris Christie who is so full of shit, I almost vomited.

Repeal the 2nd Amendment

We should repeal the second amendment.  It hasn’t been applicable to our society for many years.  Besides, it has been misinterpreted by the Supreme Court.  Anyone who cannot participate in a well-regulated militia, regardless of reason ( age, mental health, physical health etc.) is not entitled to a weapon by virtue of the 2nd amendment.

Has anyone defined what arms are for legal applications?  Long knives are weapons and are not legal in many places.  Police will confiscate them. But heaven forbid one should have his AK47 or Uzi taken away.  There is no legitimate reason for most people to own guns.  At the very least, every gun should be registered.  Every automobile is.  Why not guns?  And if one’s gun is not, it should be punished severely.  

We are insane as a society.

Dr. Chyn’s Advice

My 92 year old Chinese gym buddy presented me with a Chinese proverb which he translated as “For a strategy for the year, begin things in the spring.  That’s when things are sown.  For a day strategy, begin things early in the morning.”

A word to the wise…

The Conspiracy Against Bernie Sanders

There is no longer any doubt in my mind that there is an unmentioned (maybe even mentioned) conspiracy to kill Berhie Sanders candidacy. The Times gives him no coverage. When the Hillary email problem grew and the Biden possibility emerged, a talking head on MSNBC said that Hillary needs serious competition. What is Sanders, mashed potatoes? When Sanders was brought up during Steve Kornacki’s show, his reply was, “We’ll talk about him another time.” There was a month or so ago, a poll showing Sanders beating any republican. Now no such poll comes forth. Why not? Might it just show him as viable? What does the media want? – For him to  disavow being a socialist and declare himself a democratt so that he can be attacked for being an opportunist. Trump has been all vulgar style and entertainment with no rational substance. The play that the media gives him is obscene. Sanders on the other hand is who he is and is all substance and serious substance at that, but, in the words of the late Rodney Dangerfield, he gets no respect.