Alan Wallach

There Are No Suitable Adjectives

There is no question in my mind, in retrospect, that the last fifty years of racial progress is a deception. Yes, some things have come to pass: the legal if not actual elimination of segregated schools, the somewhat improved economic state of African-Americans, their forced acceptance in the workplace and so on. But in truth, as the legacy of Obama has demonstrated so obviously, racism has merely been buried and festering until its explosion with the bucket of deplorables called the Trump base.

The blatant resentment of this black, brilliant, articulate, family-man rising to president was too much for them to bear. It brought out the festering racism and worship of Trump, with the ignorance that had been so long buried. Sixty plus votes against the affordable care act, so-named Obamacare for one reason alone, to marginalize this black president’s legacy.

That most republicans, especially the racists among them vote emotionally against their own self-interest is common knowledge to politicians. Otherwise how could republicans ever get elected to anything? But this last year of the worship of stupidity and overlooking of the sexual harassment of Trump and the pedophilia of Moore, rather than rational thought is record setting. As that paragon of truth, Sarah Huckabee Sanders had continued to repeat that these things were litigated during the election and the people elected Trump anyway.

We can only hope that this nation of the people, by the people and for the people can survive long enough for this racist and abysmally stupid kernel to die out. Hopefully, their worshipped leader will be impeached, have a stroke, have a heart attack or in any other presently inconceivable event, be removed from office or at least be too incapacitated to do any more damage to this beloved nation.