Alan Wallach

More about Met Pitching

Last night I watched Seth Lugo pitch for the Mets. After giving up four runs in the early innings, the Mets caught up and went ahead, 6-4 Then Lugo pitched his 101st pitch and was taken out. Why? He was in a relaxed pitching groove. He had given the Phillies nothing and was relaxed and in complete control. But manage-by-pitch-count Collins took him out, put in Hansel Robles who never threw a strike to the first two batters. The only reason he got any outs at all was that the batters were swinging at balls. Then he gave up the home run that tied the score. I don’t know who’s worse, Robles, Collins, the manager or Warthen, the pitching coach. I like the new kids that they brought up from the minors but for crying out loud, get a pitching coach who can do something else besides count pitches.