Alan Wallach

Crooked Pharma

My wife went into a medical clinic for itchy eyes, suspecting she had pink eye caught from our granddaughter. The diagnosis was no. She was prescribed eyedrops for the itch which at CVS was $190. She refused and the CVS pharmacist suggested an over the counter medication which, he suggested, was almost the same and cost $15. The result was it worked fine. Why did we need a $190 prescription?

This is the latest list of drugs advertised on TV. Almost none of them are cures. Most are very expensive, ongoing, treatment of symptoms with side effects that are in many cases worse than the disease being treated.

Breoe Brilinta Cialis Cosentyx Eliquis Enbrei Entresto Entyvio Farxiga
Glucerna Harvoni Humira Ibrance Invokana Januvia Jardiance Jublia
Keyteuda Kybella Latuda Linzess Ln Myrbetriq Namenda xr Namzarec
Neulasta Opdivo Pradaxa Prevagen Qpi Repatha Restasis Rexulti
Seresto Stelara Taltz Tecfidera Toujeo Tresiba Trintellix Trulicity
Trumenba Viberzi Victoza Xarelto Xeljanz Xifaxan