Alan Wallach

The Joke of WSJ Advice to Trump

The Wall Street Journal, making the false assumption that the Trumps have nothing to hide, advise him to release everything, “to get ahead of the leaks.” The problem is that they probably do, indeed, have things to hide. Trump himself has never felt any moral or legal obligations. He cheats his suppliers, lies to everybody about everything, screwed his lenders so that no one will lend him any money, is currently ignoring the tenets of the emoluments clause of the constitution, spends all his weekends at a Trump property so that the secret service has to pay Trump for his own protection, etc. etc. Judging from his behavior, he can’t possibly be mentally sound. He has not released his taxes. Why, if he has nothing to hide? The reason he treats Putin with deference has to be because of something serious. I can speculate: he owes Putin or his cronies a lot or money; he or Jared wants to borrow more money; Putin, knowing first hand that Trump is basically dishonest, may have information that could put him in serious legal jeopardy. Trump is scared out of his mind of Putin and could easily be the victim of potential blackmail. Advice to WSJ – never mind the advice, assume the worst and wait for Mueller to do his job.