Alan Wallach

Comey, Rogers and the Republicans

One of the things that came out of the Comey/Rogers hearing was that the republicans, that anti-patriotic bunch, has no concern about Trump’s lies and corruption., no concern about the country they live in as long as they have their power. They are clearly more concerned about stopping the information i.e., the truth, from being made public. Trey Gowdy, that bastion of bullshit from Benghazi is so partisan and anti-American that he should probably be deported. We can only hope that Comey’s redemption for giving Trump the presidency can come to fruition. I strongly doubt it. Despite the obvious political disaster for Trump if he fires Comey, he will probably do it anyway and lie about why. We do need a special prosecutor. Trump is many times more corrupt than Nixon. Nixon’s guys went to jail and Nixon probably would have if not for Ford’s pardon. So should Trump’s and Trump himself unless Pence, that self-deluded creep, pardons him after Trump’s inevitable impeachment.