Alan Wallach

SCOTUS and the republicans

There it is!  The republicans could not eliminate, or put an asterisk, or whatever to remove Barack Obama from history.  He is indeed a black president with significant accomplishments and after he leaves office, he will have existed in our history.  

Regarding the fanatic Christian reaction to gay marriage ruling, I continue to ask how a gay marriage affects, in any way, the status of a man-woman marriage.  It doesn’t.  The Christian right wing fanatics just want to impose their hypocritical morality, such as it is, on the rest of us.  This is not and has never been a Christian country.  Where they get this notion is a mystery to me.  

Now that SCOTUS had affirmed Arizona’s elimination of gerrymandering, it behooves the other states to act to reverse the 2010 gerrymandering that gave republicans control of the house and threatens to keep it that way despite a  pretty sizable democratic majority at the polls.