Alan Wallach

Racism, Ryan and Repeal.

It has now become blatantly clear to me that the republican intense overreaction to the Affordable Care Act through the years has been a repetitive political photo-op to discredit the first black president and remove any positive legacy he might leave. I have been reluctant to consider it a racist plan and consciously forced myself to think otherwise,.but I no longer have any such reservation. The multitude of votes in the House to repeal it was a quixotic waste of time to reinforce the big lie that it was a disaster, legislation that went against American core values and the so-called free market. Replacing it was never in the republican plan. They’ve had seven years to develop a replacement and did nothing until Ryan and his ilk seemed to have scratched something out on a roll of toilet paper over a weekend. Ryan is no Kerouac. The AMA, hospitals, doctors, AARP, insurance companies, republican governors, the republican right wing, republican moderates, democrats and most of those insured by it were opposed. The bill had a 17% approval by the public. The gall to put this bill forward as a replacement for Obamacare was without parallel. Not only did it fall short of Trump’s promises for a healthcare plan that is better, cheaper and covers everybody, it was a farce. It removed people from its rolls, removed necessary coverage, did nothing about rising premiums or the pillaging by big pharma. And the coup de grace was a huge tax cut for the rich at the expense of those on the other end of the financial spectrum. Trump’s claim that the bill is doing democrats a favor was classic Trump and bizarre at best. The great irony is that Ryan’s joke, had it passed, would have had disastrous effects on precisely the people who supported Trump. If any saving was done, it was by those in opposition to the bill who did a mitzvah for the people who have a habit of voting against their own self-interest.
Ryan has reinforced his reputation as a an incompetent, glib, bullshitter. Trump, supporting a bill that he probably has not read because his reading ability is questionaable and his attention span is limited to 140 characters, Fox news, and admiring himself in the mirror, has proven himself to be a stupid, mentally unhinged incompetent and a pathological liar who has no business in the oval office. We shouldn’t have to wait for the FBI investigations to be completed to impeach him. Just being in the oval office by Trump is a high crime and misdemeanor.