Alan Wallach

The TV Talking Heads Miss the Point.

They say Trump was advised not to begin his term with health care. He didn’t listen. Why, they ask? I listened to an hour of bullshit that totally missed the point. For me, the inference is simple. I suggest that the most important thing to Trump was his hatred of Obama. Everything else was insignificant. He latched onto the racist sixty plus house repeal votes and saw that as his tool to attack OBAMACARE and remove Obama’s legacy. Combine the loonies in the house that voted to repeal it with McConnell’s racist hatred of Obama and all we got was hatred and no substance. Nothing else mattered. Fucking the American people, not important. Destroy Obama’s legacy was the only objective regardless of the cost. Lindsay Graham summarized it best. “It would have been nice to have a bill that the people liked.” That’s why healthcare failed. It offered nothing but racism and hate which has a limited audience – bigger than it should be, but still limited.

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