Alan Wallach

Trump and Kushner – Follow the Money

I have come to the conclusion that the Russian connection is a simple money thing, i.e. using a Russian bank to borrow money when American banks won’t lend Trump or Kushner any. They both need money badly. Why else would Kushner meet with a sanctioned Russian bank? I suggest the obvious, that one meets with banks for money. So ask the question: If we get the sanctions on your bank removed, how much money will you lend us? Or: If we get sanctions removed, will you get our debts forgiven? It’s just a simple case of treason, that’s all. Not the least bit devious or clever. We just find it so unbelievable that Trump and Kushner would use the presidency so blatantly and stupidly to enrich themselves, that we’re looking for a mysterious solution. I’m no genius. I think the newshawks at the NY Times, the Wash Post, CNN and MSNBC know it, too, but keep hoping some committee or Mueller will find a smoking gun. Can we survive the wait?